We - Cheong Woo Confectionery Co., Ltd

were established in 1986.
We started as a small bakery and have achieved constant developments for the last 30 years.

Now we are ranked no. 5 in the Korean confectionery industry. We have three factories and one logistic center near Seoul. All of the factories got the HACCP certificate and our main factory - Yang-mun factory - got GMP certificate for manufacturing candy products.

Through the three factories, we produce most kinds of confectionery items like biscuits, cookies, pies, snacks, candies, jellies and Korean traditional cakes. Besides manufacturing NB products, have supplies major confectionery distribution channels and pharmaceutical companies with private labeled products. So we have great strength in manufacturing OEM products. We are the company which does its best to satisfy clients' needs through providing quality products.


cwtrade@cwfood.co.kr    +82-70-7164-1981